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Sell Your Caravan

Are you looking to update to a newer caravan in Melbourne or have you decided to move on from the lifestyle altogether? Are you wondering what to do with your old van? At Supreme, we are able to buy, sell and transfer quality new and used caravans across the state. Don’t let that unused van take up valuable space on your property – let us save you some time and effort by selling it for you!

We have a wide range of classic and high-class caravans for sale in Melbourne, as well as a number of models and sizes, including: full, standard, pop-ups, pop-tops, off-road, 5th wheelers, and camper trailers. Regardless of the van that you own – big or small, old or brand new – we are sure to sell it.

Need some cash? Let the professional team at Supreme Caravans advertise your caravan and watch it zoom out of the yard in next to no time. We are also able to negotiate the entire sale process for you, leaving you to just sit back and relax with the knowledge that your caravan is in the right hands.

We will do everything in our power to ensure that you get the best price possible with our caravan sales in Melbourne. Through our effective marketing campaign, your van will receive maximum exposure – guaranteed to move it off our lot and out of your hair much faster.

If you would like to add to the caravan sales in Melbourne on our website, fill out the form below or, if you have any queries about the sale process, give us a call on 03 8339 9100 to speak to one of our helpful team members.





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In order to enjoy all of the scenic sights and delights that Australia has to offer, we understand that your van needs to be in optimal working condition. At our conveniently located service department, we can service or repair any new or used caravans in Melbourne.

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